Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does an inspection have to be made before I can receive a quote?

A: Prices are determined by a couple of variables, such as size of home or building and types of pests to be treated.

Q: Does my family need to be out of my home?

A: No, many of the products we use to treat in and around the home are water based and odorless, but it is highly recommended to leave for a couple of hours if there any concerns.

Q: Are the chemicals used safe for my pet?

A: Most of our products are pet friendly. However our technicians will provide precautions needed to be taken on your part before and after the applications.

Q: What can I do to prevent bugs from returning?

A: We recommend maintaining your pest control treatments on a regular basis.

Q: What can I do for mosquitos?

A: We offer mosquito treatment plans. However eliminating standing water will help greatly.

Q: Why is it that within a couple days after the treatment did we see more pest activity?

A: Pests become clueless to what is irritating and killing them off and in turn tend to move away from their common areas of hiding. Bug sightings will subdue over a couple of days after the pesticides take full effect.

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